Physiotherapy in Bristol

Physiotherapy is the treatment and prevention of injury and disease. It helps to restore movement and function when someone is affected by injury, illness or disability.  The combination of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation skills enables us to offer a multi-dimensional approach to treating conditions and preventing re-injury.

The main aims of physiotherapy are:
– Reduce pain and relieve symptoms
-Restore normal movement
-Restore and maximise function
-Maximise sporting performance
-Return the body to its natural balanced state
-Promote long term self management to prevent further injury
-Promote health and well being

When is physiotherapy used?

Physiotherapy is used for a variety of reasons and can help a number of different injuries and health conditions. It can be used to improve your overall health and wellbeing, treat injuries and ensure they do no re-occur, particularly for sporting injuries.

Some of the most common injurys/ailments treated by Physiotherapy at Comfort Health include:

– Bones, Joints and Soft tissue problems, including strains and sprains
Back pain
– Pelvis or Hip pain
Neck pain and Shoulder pain
Joint Dysfunctions and instabilities.
Sports injuries

This list is in no way exhaustive; Physiotherapy can treat far more issues that the ones listed above, including brain or nervous system problems, heart and lung problems, chronic pain or multi-joint pathologys. Click the link to see more information on what we treat.

How we can help you?

At Comfort Health a typical Physiotherapy session involves a detailed assessment of your injury, diagnosis and timescale for recovery, a bespoke treatment suiting your needs, and a series of comprehensive exercises and advice to help you manage your injury.

We deliver a vast range of assessment and treatment techniques to ensure that a fully holistic approach to your injury is taken. We have many years of experience working in various settings from elite level sport to the NHS and use this knowledge to develop the best possible treatment plan for you.

Comfort Health is different to most other Physio clinics in the way we treat our clients. Rather than just alleviating your symptoms, we will endeavour to identify the underlying causes of your injury and provide a solution. We will treat you accordingly and reduce the risk of your injury occurring again. See more of what we can treat by clicking here.

Complimenting Physiotherapy

Comfort Health is not only a Physiotherapy clinic. We have a fantastic team offering other complimentary therapies to work perfectly alongside your physio treatment. These include; Sports TherapySports MassageDeep tissue MassageDry needlingPilatesYoga and Hypnotherapy. Click on the link to see more of what we offer.

Comfort Health is able to provide a fully holistic approach to treatment through a simple referral to any of the other professionals within our team.

If we are unable to provide the answer we have good working relationships with some of Bristol’s leading Orthopaedic specialists to provide the surgical opinion if necessary. There are two main Private hospitals in Bristol that we can offer a quick referral to; The Spire, at the top of Whiteladies Road – Bristol and the Chesterfield Hospital – Nuffield Healthin Clifton Village – Bristol.

Our Bristol Physiotherapists are fully Chartered Members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (CSP)and are also registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).


What is the difference between Sports Physiotherapy, Sports Therapy and General Physiotherapy?

Sports Physiotherapy or Sports Therapy is very similar to Physiotherapy. A lot of the techniques and treatments are the same. The main difference is that Sports Physiotherapy or Sports Therapy is designed to directly enhance the performance of a client in their specific sport.

Injuries treated by general Physiotherapy may have been caused by a sporting performance, however, the treatment of the injury, in this case, is to alleviate pain and prevent injury from reoccurring, rather than focusing on how to improve the performance next time.

Don’t worry if you are not sure which option is right for you. Get in touch and tell us what issue you are experiencing and we can help guide you through the process. If you know exactly what you would like to book (either Physio or Sports Therapy), then you can book yourself in – Book now

Should I see a Physiotherapist or a Sports Massage Therapist?

Deciding between a Physiotherapist and a Sports Massage Therapist can be difficult when first dealing with injuries or problems. Luckily at Comfort Health, we provide both services so you can make sure you get the right treatment.

A Physio is usually the option you will need when you have a specific injury that can then be diagnosed and treated further. These can often be as a direct result of trauma which you will be aware of from an incident or sporting event. Physiotherapy is also worth considering if you have tried massages in the past and chronic pain has remained after the initial treatment has taken place.

A Sports Massage Therapist may be recommended by a Physiotherapist as a treatment method for your injury. It may be worth considering a Sports Massage for shorter bouts of non-chronic pain. If your pain comes and goes and is relieved by regular Sports Massage, there may not be a serious underlying problem which physiotherapy is needed for.

Award winning Physio in Bristol

Comfort Health is becoming increasingly renowned for Physiotherapy in Bristol. We have just been announced as Prestige Awards well being clinic of the year. We also won two awards last year for excellence in Physio and have been nominated for a further two.

– Prestige Awards – Well-Being Clinic Of The Year – Bristol 2020

GHP Awards – Best Physiotherapy Clinic in Bristol

ThreeBestRated – The Best Physiotherapist in Bristol

SME News – Best Physiotherapy Bristol 2019 – UK Enterprise awards

– Corporate LiveWire Global Awards 2019 – Physiotherapy Clinic of the Year


Don’t just take their word for it, have a look at some of our client testimonials to see why they think we’re the best Physio Clinic in Bristol, take a look on our website, on google, or on Facebook for plenty of 5 star reviews!

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