What is a Trigger Point?

A Trigger Point is a hyper-irritable, palpable nodule in taut bands of the skeletal muscles’ fascia. Direct compression or muscle contraction can elicit jump sign, local tenderness, local twitch response and referred pain which usually responds with a pain pattern distant from the spot.

The palpable nodules within the tight muscle, can range in size, anywhere from 2 mm to 10 mm, and can develop in any skeletal muscles of the body. We all have trigger points in our body. They can even be present even in babies and children, but their presence does not necessarily result in the formation of pain syndrome.


What causes trigger points?

Each muscle has potential trigger points which can become activated by muscle overuse, inflammation, trauma, electrolyte imbalances, infections and nerve pain.

These trigger points can cause pain over the muscle affected or refer pain and thus be felt in another area of the body. Other trigger points are only felt when the muscle is directly palpated by the therapist.


How can trigger point therapy help you?

Trigger Point Therapy is for almost everyone. Muscles with active trigger points are always weaker than normal muscles and unable to move through their full range of motion. Due to the lack of movement they are unable to perform their normal function. This leads to other muscles being recruited to perform the activity of the compromised muscle. These secondary muscles can go on to develop trigger points themselves if the original muscle is not treated.


What conditions can it help?

Trigger Point Therapy is recognised as an effective treatment for pain. The main reason behind its success appears to be related to chronic pain patterns. The establishment of chronic pain patterns occurs within a few months of an injury. Trigger Point Therapy is often very useful in breaking this pain cycle.

In particular, it is useful when other forms of traditional western treatments have failed to fully eliminate your pain. This is a list of conditions that the use of Trigger Point Therapy is very useful:

Back Pain

Neck Pain 

Shoulder Pain 

Knee Pain 



Muscle Pain

Joint Pain 


Here At Comfort Health

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