Sports Physiotherapy is a specialist area of Physiotherapy which helps deal with issues and injuries related to sports people.

A sports injury in most cases is different to a normal injury, as they are usually as a result of the higher demands that a sport or exercise puts on the body.

A Sports Physiotherapist is involved in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of such an injury.

Read some of our client testimonials here to see how we’ve helped our Bristol clients get over their sports injuries.


At Comfort Health we are privileged to have such an experienced team in treating sports injuries at all levels of competition, from professional and elite athletes through to weekend warriors.

Some of the experience includes work with:

Bristol Rugby
– Bristol Ladies Rugby
– International Skiers/Snowboarders
– Kenyan International Runners
– Elite Triathletes
– Ironman Athletes
– Premier Division Hockey Players
– National Paralympic Badminton
– British Transplant Games
– Elite Rowers



At Comfort Health we offer the complete package to sports injury prevention and rehabilitation.

We not only have 30 minute Physiotherapy sessions in which we can assess and treat the injury, we also offer hour long sessions to explore deeper into your biomechanics, comprehensively treat the injury and give you a bespoke exercise plan to fully resolve your problems or improve your performances.

To book in for an hour long Physio session click here… book

Or take a look at our blog which has some really insightful information and tips for sports people from info on ice vs heat, warm-ups, increasing running distance etc


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