Sports Massage in Bristol

Sports massage is an umbrella term given to the manipulation and stretching of soft tissues in our body. It is used as a treatment method for damaged or stressed muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia.

Who can benefit?

Whether you are an elite athlete trying to improve your personal best, a recreational sports person with tight muscles, an office worker with tense shoulders or a manual worker with aches and pains, our treatments can be tailored to your every need.

Sports Massage for injuries

Sports massages are commonly used in the rehabilitation of an injury. For specific sporting injuries such as “sprained ankles” or “tennis elbow” specific massage techniques can be applied to alleviate the pain and swelling and bring about a better quality of movement in the joint and surrounding muscles.

For less specific muscular problems, for example, tight hamstrings following knee surgery, or a pulled calf, a sports massage will also be perfect for you; it can help to reduce the tension in the muscles improving flexibility, reducing the pain and generally increasing the quality of movement.

Sports massage can also be used to prevent injuries; regular treatments will ensure your muscles are in top physical form allowing you to perform to the best of your ability making you less prone to injury.

Sports Massage can…

– Reduce pain
– Prevent injuries and loss of mobility
– Maintain flexibility
– Cure and restore mobility to injured muscle tissue
– Boost performance
– Reduce tension, stress and muscle congestion (knots)
– Improve circulation
– Maintain peak muscle condition
– Extend the overall life of your sporting career

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