Scar Massage

What is Scar Massage?

Scar massage is a non-invasive treatment developed to treat scar tissue, adhesions and fibrosis after surgery, c-sections or injuries. The treatment uses specialist massage and fascial release techniques, alongside self-care advice and management strategies to promote healthy recovery.

Scars develop as a result of injury to the skin, this is a normal process and may be due to cuts, burns or crush injuries. Scars develop both on and below the skin, your body makes fibres out of something called collagen to strengthen the scar. Thickening or scarring of the tissue is called fibrosis.

The longer a wound takes to heal or the more damaged the skin, the more chance the scar will be thicker and less flexible. Scar tissue is never as good as the skin or tissue it replaces. Your age and skin type can also affect how a scar forms and behaves. Adhesions are bands of scar tissue that anchor and support the wound. These bind together all the tissue with which they come into contact. You can think of adhesions as internal scar tissue.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits of seeing a Scar Therapist; if you have had recent surgery or injury your therapist can treat your scar to help stimulate healing and soften fibrosis as the scar matures. They will also suggest self-care for you to continue at home. Scar massage is commonly recommended by surgeons because it promotes optimum scar healing after surgery and may minimise longer term complications.

Scar massage is also beneficial for older scars. The body is constantly regenerating cells so your scar can still improve when given the correct stimulation. Scar Therapists cannot make scars disappear but treatment usually helps with pain, sensitivity, itching and textual cosmetic changes.

How can Scar Massage help me?

It can help with the following:

  • Stimulate changes in scars; on the skin surface and below with any adhesions, fibrosis in the underlying tissue
  • Reduce common symptoms e.g. sensitivity, pain and itching
  • Stimulate and boost healing after surgery or injury
  • Assess and treat any related functional changes
  • Support emotional well-being after trauma or surgery

Scar Massage at Comfort Health

Your therapist Zoe is a Scar Therapy Restore practitioner and offers 30 minute Scar massage appointments, this appointment will focus solely on treatment for your scar. She will start the session with a consultation to determine the session is tailored to you. Treatment will focus on areas of tightness and tension around your scar and the underlying fascia, muscles and any fibrotic tissue. She will also suggest self-care for you to continue at home.

She also offers a longer 60 minute session which combines Scar Massage & Myofascial Release. In these sessions roughly half the session will focus on scar treatment and the other half on massage/myofascial release for any aches and pains you have, or simply relaxation.

If you would like to make an appointment use our booking link below. Zoe does have limited availability so if you can’t find a date available give us a call or drop us an email.