Sara Ayala

Sara Ayala

Sara is a fully Chartered, experienced Physiotherapist registered with the CSP and HCPC. Sara has been practicing for over 15 years; she has a degree in Physiotherapy (Barcelona), a five-year Postgraduate degree in Osteopathy (Madrid), and has also completed studies in the DNS method (Prague) and Electro Dry Needling (Madrid and London).

After 9 years working in Spain, Sara decided to move to London where she worked as a Physiotherapist for over 4 years before moving to Bristol last year. Sara is an enthusiastic, competent and motivated clinician. She has excellent patient care, a warm and compassionate manner, and an exceptional ability to relate and empathise with her patients. Her focus is on finding the origin of the patient’s injury or pain, and educating and involving her patients in their own active recovery.

In her spare time, Sara enjoys tennis, climbing and running and also plays padel tennis (a popular sport in Spain which combines the fun of tennis with the challenge of being in an enclosed court).

Sara is currently taking some time out to have a baby, but will be back soon.

0117 373 1053

In 3 sessions Sara has transformed my lower back pain and helped me think about my posture in future. I really enjoyed my sessions and didn’t feel at all rushed. Well worth the money and highly recommend.


My experience with Comfort Health has been really great and Sara is incredible. Her knowledge is exceptional. she really listens to what’s going on and understands how to help. She is not only helping me with a current injury but in doing so, she has explained physiological weaknesses from previous injuries that have compounded it and we are working on them as a whole. She’s amazing. And so lovely too. Thank you! I can’t recommend her highly enough.



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