Training for your first half or full marathon? Raced before but chasing that exciting pb?  Make sure you are not pushing up those miles too fast, the last thing you want to do is pick up an injury.


The first thing to remember is that it is not race day today, so if you cannot already run the required distance, that is okay, you do not need to yet.


The best way to approach your training is in stages. Once you have entered your race, work out how many weeks you have between now and then.  The aim is to build your mileage over this time whilst incorporating enough rest so that you do not become overly fatigued, leading to that dreaded injury.


Have you looked at a training programme?

There is pretty much a training programme online for everything these days! Many are also tailored for beginners, intermediate and over varying time periods.  When you look at these programmes you will see that they progress gradually, usually following the “10% Rule”


The 10% Rule

The aim is to not increase the distance, time or intensity of your training by more than 10% per week. By following this simple rule of progression, you ensure your body has enough recovery time and training variety that you are not becoming fatigued and increasing your injury risk.


For example…

It is 7 weeks until The Bath Half Marathon (13.1miles).  If you can run 6.2 miles (this would be your long, steady run this weekend), you are already well on your way.  By adding 10% to your long run each week you will ideally be achieving the following

– 7 miles (3rdFeb)
– 7 miles (10thFeb)
– 5 miles (17thFeb)
– 5 miles (24thFeb)
– 6 miles (3rdMar)
– 7 miles (10thMar)


Here at Comfort Health

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