Exercises health hypnotherapy 21st February 2017

Boosting confidence by working with your inner critic

The critical inner voice, inner critic, inner chimp, monkey, bully…many guises, many different names. It manifests as nagging, negative thoughts, self-talk such as self blaming, shaming and character assassination. This can often be the route of a lot of our self-destructive behaviour. Experienced as thoughts within your head, this stream of destructive thoughts forms a negative inner world […]

By Annette Sloly - Hypnotherapist Read more
health News nutrition 17th February 2017

Winter Season – Time To Nourish

Time to Nourish Winter is the time to add plenty of nourishment, self care, sunlight and exercise – the focus is adding things  to build up our immune system and energy levels…. With so much talk about detox and cutting out/cutting back, January & February can be a challenging time to stick to our goals/ […]

Exercises News 10th February 2017

Preventing injuries

Preventing Injuries Okay, so obviously not all injuries can be prevented.  Sometimes you just misjudge a technical a spect of your trail run and sprain your ankle; accidents happen.  What can be done though is ensuring your body is prepared for the activity you are asking it to perform, therefore reducing the risks or potentially […]

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Exercises News 17th December 2016

5 top tips for injury prevention over the winter period!

Injury prevention top tips During the winter, generally, people are at a greater risk of injury. Most people will exercise less, eat more comfort food and are generally less conditioned. The cold weather also decreases core temperature and the temperature within muscle fibres which will increase the chance of strains and sprains. Below are a […]

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