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How Physically Active Are you?

Physical Activity   In recent years throughout sports medicine there has been recognition of a greater emphasis required on physical activity. Physical activity is an important factor for overall health, epidemiological evidence recommends that every adult should accumulate moderate intensity activity for half an hour, nearly every day of the week. However, many people feel there […]

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Keeping up with technology

Keeping up with technology…   Within sports science and medicine, data-fuelled developments are continually happening. Technology is playing a vital role in performance analysis, injury prevention and nutritional aspects for elite and amateur athletes.   How can technology help your health and performance I hear you ask…   Everyone sweats – it’s an essential function […]

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Foam Roller – a myth or a necessary evil?

What is a foam roller? A foam roller is a self-massage tool that can be used before exercise to increase mobility and blood flow, but also after exercise to help speed up recovery.   How does it work? Using a foam roller is a way to perform myofascial release around muscles. “Myofascial” refers to fascia, […]

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Men’s Health Week

This week is Men’s Health Week #MHW2017 – The focus this year is all about reducing BELLY FAT… Move more, eat well, watch booze!     So whats the problem with belly fat? If you are holding extra weight around the middle, you have a big belly/waist it can be an indicator that you are […]

Exercises health News 9th June 2017


So your training is going well for you’re a-race; eating well, following your training programme religiously, happy with your kit… but have you considered how you recover?   Whilst there is a certain satisfaction when the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) kick in that you know you have pushed yourself hard, the reality is that […]

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Exercises health News 6th June 2017

The five main types of Sports Massage

The Sports Massage is, in effect, a deeper form of a Swedish massage that promotes an increased circulation of blood and lymph fluids in the body.  To break down or dissolve adhesions (knots) and to widen the range of motion of stiffened joints, trigger point therapy and various assisted stretching techniques are incorporated as part […]

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health nutrition 26th May 2017

Zesty Summer Salads – ideas for lunchbox & BBQ season

With the summer bbq season starting, here are some interesting salads that are packed full of flavour and nutritious ingredients, which make a great addition to your bbq! – Healthy salads do not have to be boring or dull, the addition of herbs and dressings make these zesty and delicious! These are also great additions […]

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Trust your gut? Follow your heart? Now that’s smart!

Trust your gut I’m sure you hear people say: ‘I feel it in my stomach’ ‘I always go with my Gut’. You might even say that yourself. But logically we still like to believe the best decisions come from the logical brain, but did you know you have two other brains and one of them, is […]

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What is a Life Coach?!

What is a Life Coach?!   A life coach is someone who looks to empower their clients by keeping them accountable to meet and exceed goals and make change in both their personal and professional lives.   Change is hard, but the rewards are great, and once you have an epiphany that something about you, is […]

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Waiting for a Total Knee Replacement? Help your preparation and recovery with these exercises

A knee replacement is, although a very common operation in the world of orthopaedic medicine, a big decision and a major operation. Once you have decided to go ahead with the replacement be it partial or total, trying to maintain muscle strength in your quadriceps (thigh muscles) with some basic exercises can not only help […]

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Bulletproof your running in 5 minutes

Race Season It’s nearing towards race season with a collection of running events only around the corner over spring. Whether you’re a newbie runner building up your milage or an experienced racer striving for PB’s and faster times, it is essential that you not only get time on your feet running, but also invest some […]

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Get Your Greens!

Get Your Greens   With the latest research suggesting​ that to gain the health benefits ​we should be aiming for 10 portions of fruit and vegetables a day (concentrating on more veg than fruit), what better way to help reach the recommended intake than starting your morning off with vegetables in your smoothie.   Don’t be […]

Exercises 17th March 2017

Top tips for improving your posture in everyday life

Posture Posture is the body’s alignment and positioning with respect to the force of gravity. Whether we are standing, sitting or lying down gravity exerts a force on our joints, ligaments and muscles. Good posture entails distributing the force of gravity through our body so no one structure is overstressed. Good posture is key to […]

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Exercises News 14th March 2017

All the gear no idea! A lesson from the Kenyans

A few years ago whilst travelling in Kenya I had the unique opportunity to live and work with Kenyan runners and one of their olympic coaches from the London 2012 Games in Embu. East Africa and Kenya has produced a mass of fantastic distance runners, look at the front of the London Marathon or the […]

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