A large percentage of the people we treat at Comfort Health come to see us because they are in pain or have recently suffered an injury. What very few people have the knowledge of is, regular treatments can help keep injuries at bay or prevent them all together.


Here are five reasons of why regular treatments can benefit you to stay injury free.


Prevention is better than cure

Don’t wait for pain before paying attention to your health. Physio/Sports Rehabilitator can work with you to prevent declining health and micro-tissue damage. Before pain strikes. Whether it’s a massage, physiotherapy or sports rehabilitation.


The absence of pain does not equate to the absence of injury

The danger with using pain alone as an indicator of injury or sickness, is that more often than not it’s a delayed signal. By the time you feel pain, damage may have already been done; making the injury harder to treat. Generally pain isn’t a sudden reaction but the result of an enduring problem that gradually worsens and builds over time.


Your health is an investment worth investing

Just as you would invest time and money into maintaining your vehicle, your body requires the same care. Your body (like a vehicle) is engineered for a long life of peak performance. Therefore, it needs regular maintenance and treatments with a physio or sports therapist to help avoid breakdowns. The longer you leave the “check engine light” before taking your vehicle to the garage, the more expensive the bill can be. This principle still applies with care for your body. Ignoring a small pain or minor injury over time can result in a major injury that can take months to heal and multiple sessions to get back into peak health.


Optimal wellness is better than being just okay

Optimal health is something we all want, but more often than not it sits on the back burner instead. Performing at your best isn’t something that’s reserved for the top athletes only. It’s something that is available to everyone. A good Physio/Sports Therapist will be able to spot any weaknesses, alignment issues or micro-tissue damage you may have, and prescribe exercises and treatment to combat them.


Your Physio/ Sports Rehabilitator may offer more than you think

Your physio/ sports rehabilitator may be able to provide you with services beyond just physiotherapy to assist in your quest for wellness. For example, at Comfort Health, our therapists offer Pilates, exercise plans, acupuncture, myofascial cupping, massage, among other services which all work toward keeping you at peak health and on track to your wellness goals.


Health Tips

There is a high percentage of people suffering from work related problems, such as repetitive strains or back pain due to bad posture. In this day and age, most of us spend a large amount of time sat on our phones or in front of a computer. (Often without the correct office equipment or furniture alignment.)  This results in a lot of posture related problems, which in time can develop into bigger health issues. Your Physio/Sports Rehabilitator can give you guidance on how to adjust your chair or desk so that it is right for you. Small adjustments could be all you need to keep you pain free during work. In the meantime, try to take mini breaks regularly and use this time to stand up, stretch or refill your water bottle.


Here at Comfort Health

We have a great team of experienced practitioners, all of whom have the knowledge and expertise to help you with preventing injuries. Get in touch if you would like a plan tailored specifically to you, full of exercises and treatments to keep you on the path of optimal health and well being.