As the days get shorter and nights get darker it’s more difficult to maintain our physical activity. A cold dark walk to the car or rainy night can be an immediate barrier to enjoying that fitness class, heading out for a run, or hitting up the gym. So we’ve put together some great tips, links and apps for you to try and hopefully maintain your workouts. 




Peloton App

The best thing about the Peloton App is you actually don’t need to buy a fancy bike or treadmill in order to use it. For a reasonable monthly subscription of £12.99 / month, you can enjoy amazing class instruction for strength training, HIIT classes, indoor and outdoor cycling, running, yoga, and much more. You can attend live classes or do classes on demand anytime (perfect for a sneaky lunch time workout). You can also pick the length, music genre, difficulty level, and instructor making it more enjoyable. 

There are a bunch of cool features on the app allowing you to interact with friends, which is a great way to keep yourself accountable. The user face is intuitive and easy to use, so for the less tech savvy folks it’s still a breeze to figure out. 

The Peloton App also has a 30 day Free Trial so you can try it out before you buy. Usually around Christmas time they offer a 90 day Free Trial so keep your eyes peeled for that! 



If you are looking for a mental workout Headspace is an amazing app to learn mindfulness. It offers a wide range of guided meditation and mindfulness exercises that can be accessed anytime, anywhere via a mobile device or computer. The app’s content is structured to cater to various needs, including stress reduction, sleep improvement, focus enhancement, and personal growth. 

Headspace is available as both a free and premium subscription service, with premium subscribers gaining access to a more extensive library of content and features. You can also get a 14 day Free Trial to try premium features before buying.

Youtube Channels


Yoga With Adriene

With over 12 million Youtube Subscribers, Yoga with Adriene is an amazing way to keep up your yoga practice at home. She has over 700 videos to choose from ranging in difficulty level, area of focus, and yoga style, you can count on finding a great class that suits all your needs. 

If you are new to yoga we suggest starting with one of the beginner classes below:

Gentle Morning Yoga Routine (20 Minute Class)

30-Minute Yoga for Beginners

Foundations of Flow (20 Minute Class)

If you want something more difficult try out these classes:  

Total Body Yoga – Deep Stretch (40 Minute Class)

Yoga for Strength (40 Minute Class)


Indoor Cycling with the Global Cycling Network

Do you have a stationary bike or a home cycling trainer for your road bike? The Global Cycling Network or GCN has amazing indoor workouts for the dedicated cyclist. Try a HIIT Class, train ascents, and get some great cycling tips along the way. 

GCN Headquarters is also located in Bath, Somerset, it’s always nice to support a local business. 

Here are some of our favourite workouts from the GCN Youtube Channel: 

HIIT Indoor Cycling Workout  – 30 Minute Intervals: Fitness Training 

45 Minute Cycling Training Workout – Sprint Training 


Remember with all physical activity, consistency is key whether it’s at home, at the gym, or a fitness class. Hopefully these apps and Youtube channels inspire you to try a new home workout and keep your consistency flowing. 


If you have any questions or want a more individualised home workout then contact us today or book in online