Injury prevention top tips

During the winter, generally, people are at a greater risk of injury. Most people will exercise less, eat more comfort food and are generally less conditioned.

The cold weather also decreases core temperature and the temperature within muscle fibres which will increase the chance of strains and sprains.

Below are a 5 top tips for injury prevention this winter…


Exercise – Regular exercise can considerably improve your health and reduce the risk of developing certain conditions or diseases. Exercise releases endorphins (happy hormones) which make you feel better, more energised, and improve your sleep.


Posture – Make a conscious effort to maintain a good posture, particularly if you work in a sedentary job. A good chair and desk set up is a MUST if you work in an office.


Regular Stretching – Incorporating stretches into your daily routine could significantly reduce the risk of injury. Particularly in the winter months as you are at a greater risk of sprains and strains in cold weather.


Glutes – Weak bum muscles are often the cause of many lower limb problems and/or low back pains. Try to use your bum muscles working during every function activity, i.e. walking, getting up from a chair.


Be careful and listen to your body – If you’re fatigued, rest. If you’re feeling tight or stiff, stretch. If you have a persistent niggle, there is likely to be an underlying cause and can be addressed by a physio before the problem develops. Also be sure to watch out for black ice on pavements and roads.