Physiotherapy Rehabilitation in Bristol

Physiotherapy Rehabilitation aims to optimise the function and well-being of a patient, and to integrate them back into their chosen activities/sports.

At Comfort Health, our experienced team use a combination of manual therapy techniques and specific, progressive exercise programmes to work towards your goals.

If you are still having some difficulties following an injury, or keep having ongoing problems and need to have a regular, injury specific form of exercise then 1:2:1 pilates or yoga at Comfort Health could be the answer.


Rehabilitation can be tailored to cater for any age or ability, see below for examples of people who may benefit from physiotherapy rehabilitation:

– Young sports person following a knee injury
– Office worker with RSI (repetitive strain injury)
– Retired gentleman following a THR (total hip replacement)
– Elite athlete with a big race coming up
– Somebody needing to improve their strength before a knee operation
– Anyone unfortunate enough to have whiplash

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Pre and Post-operative Rehabilitation


Evidence shows that by increasing strength and flexibility prior to surgery, the likelihood of a speedy recovery is greater. Your Physiotherapist can tailor a programme to make it as specific to the impending surgery as possible. This will decrease your pain following surgery, increase your strength for following the surgery and increase the chances of getting better quicker!


Following orthopaedic surgery, most people will require exercise progression to regain their full strength, flexibility and function. The quickest and most efficient way of returning to your chosen activities/sport following an operation is to have Physiotherapy.

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