Mobility problems

What is a Mobility problem?

Mobility problems means that a person is having difficulty walking and moving as they normally would. This can have a major effect on a person’s independence at any age. There are many causes for mobility problems which can be assisted with Physiotherapy input. If mobility problems are left untreated they can quite often deteriorate. Mobility problems usually occur with age, and can lead to problems with a person’s ability to move around- walking, climbing stairs.

Characteristics/ Clinical presentation

There are several signs that you can look out for that could indicate the start of mobility problems.

Balance issues such as becoming unsteady when walking
Having difficulty getting out of a chair or when sitting down
Experiencing difficulties going up or down stairs.

Some of the common causes for issues with mobility are:

Neurological conditions
Ageing process
Mental health illness


Treatment for mobility issues can vary depending on the cause. The key goal of treatment is to:

Optimise independence
Improve mobility (with full compliance of the client)
Provide and educate on walking aids
Education carers on manual handling techniques
Provide a rehabilitation programme designed to improve the client’s mobility
Improve self-confidence with mobility

Treatments may include:

Walking aid provision
Strengthening exercises
Stretching exercises
Pain Management
Electrotherapy (PSWD, Interferential, TENS)
Gait re-education

Here at Comfort Health

At Comfort Health we offer a range of treatments from sports massage, physiotherapy and acupuncture, along with a variety of other services to aid any mobility problem that your may have.

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