Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention

Why wait to become injured if you can do something to prevent it?

Of course injury can occur due to accidents and events completely out of our control; spraining an ankle in a pothole, hitting black ice on your bike, slipping down the stairs etc…

However, most injuries can be prevented by addressing the underlying issues that create the injury before it becomes a major problem. This is where preventative Physiotherapy comes into its own.

Our Physios can assess you as a whole, identifying areas of potential injury which are specific to your chosen sport, enabling you to improve areas of reduced mobility or weakness, with the aim of reducing your injury risk.

Preventative Physiotherapy

Believe it or not, Physiotherapy can be used, even if you don’t have an injury. In fact, there is compelling evidence to suggest that Physiotherapy interventions demonstrate the ability to prevent future injuries from occurring.

A systematic literature review of interventions to prevent low back pain has shown that Physiotherapy interventions can decrease the likelihood of having a back-related injury. In addition, if the person were to suffer from a back injury, the level of severity is often less and recovery times are shorter.

During the same study it was shown that some Physio techniques such as postural correction exercises and manual therapy (For example, sports massage, deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy), helped to prevent injury to neck and shoulder muscles. (1)


(1) Maher, C. (2000). A systematic review of workplace interventions to prevent low back pain. Australian Journal of Physiotherapy, 46: 259-269

Injury Prevention at Comfort Health

You can book a Physiotherapy or Sports therapy session with any of our team by clicking here. In these sessions we will look at some of the key areas listed below:

– Overall posture
– Muscle length
– Muscle strength
– Functional Movement Patterns
– Joint problems

Having assessed you, a personalised exercise programme and a treatment plan is created, so we can address any problem areas before they develop into an injury.

For preventative Physiotherapy to be as affective as possible, we recommend a monthly Physio session with ourselves; to continue the manual therapy work, re-assess problem areas and progress the exercises where able.

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