Ben Tolson

Ben Tolson

Sports Massage Therapist & Acupuncturist

Ben started his career as a Sports Massage Therapist and has since obtained a degree in Acupuncture and additional post graduate courses in numerous areas. These include; sports injuries, trigger point therapy, fertility and digestive complaints. Ben’s goal is to aid clients to have pain free movement. He uses a wide range of treatments such as Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and Acupuncture to relieve pain, promote relaxation and restore movement.

With treatment Ben looks to address the biomechanical source of discomfort, rather than the area of pain alone. By looking at the body as a whole he treats the problem rather than just treating the symptoms; using a combination of therapies to achieve fast and long lasting results.

Ben is also the co-author of Dry Needling For Manual Therapists. The book is a comprehensive and practical handbook aimed at practitioners using medical acupuncture for treating musculoskeletal (MSK) problems

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I would like to thank all of you, especially to Ben Tolson who is not just an experienced therapist, but an excellent medical professional with a wide range of knowledge. Every place I visited in the past before, almost everyone wanted to push their own ideas onto me and no one actually listened to what I want to say. This lovely man Ben listened every word I said and after the first session he found out what exactly is wrong with me. His knowledge did not shown just in anatomy of a human body but in his professional approach as well. He listens to his clients and lets them express themselves and then he set up a range of exercises which are perfectly suitable and measured for that individual…

When I first came to this practice I didn’t have much expectations to solve my problem, because no one did it before. I was a sceptic, expecting just a slight change and to carry on with my pain in my lower back, which I had done for years. So this step was a life changing move for me. After 4 session which I had helped me that much, that I did not require to go back ever and it is exactly 1 year after the treatment at Comfort Health.

I don’t know what the future will bring, but I know 1 thing for sure, when something (injury, pain) will come up again in my life I’ll know 100% where I have to go. With all my heart thank you guys for curing me.


Came in with back pains, and stiffness in legs, visited both Ben and Matt who were brilliant to deal with. Especially worked with Matt as of late who has also given advice on lifestyle changes, workouts etc to implement to increase mobility.

Couldn’t recommend these guys and girls highly enough.