Myofascial decompression (Cupping Therapy)

Myofascial decompressionĀ (MFD), also known as cupping or cupping therapy, is an ancient eastern method of healing that has recently grown in popularity in the west due to its benefits on oneā€™s physical state.

Plastic or silicone suction cups are used to create a negative pressure between the layers of tissues in an affected area on the body. This then draws lots of blood that is rich in nutrients to the affected area and promotes quicker healing.

A suction gun is used to extract the air out of the cup, traditionally this was done by the use of fire.

Benefits of MFD for an injury

– Increases circulation and oxygenation of the blood in an affected area

– Passively stretches myofascial tissue

– Increases range of motion of the affected area

– Increases collagen production and tissue repair

– Relieves muscle spasms

– Breaks up adhesions in tissue (similar to massage)

– Reduces inflammation

Other Benefits of MFD

– Reduces stress levels

– Aids in the reduction of cellulite and tones skin

– Cleans out pores, removing toxins from the skin

– Detoxifies the lymphatic system


Cupping is safe for pretty much everybody!

However, there are a few exceptions where cupping would not be the best option for treatment, these are listed below:

– Young children
– People with heart problems
– Currently taking blood thinning meds
– Open wounds
– Pregnancy
– History of vascular disease such as DVT
– Varicose veins
– Any bleeding

Patients should be aware that cupping therapy can potentially bruise or mark the skin. The marks can last anywhere between a day and a week. The marks are nothing to worry about and should not be painful.

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