What is a Life Coach?!


A life coach is someone who looks to empower their clients by keeping them accountable to meet and exceed goals and make change in both their personal and professional lives.


Change is hard, but the rewards are great, and once you have an epiphany that something about you, is letting you down, change or say goodbye to growth and opportunity.


When we describe something as life changing, we don’t fully take on board what that actually means. For one decision to make a change, your life changes, even before you do anything physical to make the change happen.


It’s at moments of transformation when you see the evidence that YOU create your life. We often feel that life happens to us and what you have to do to be successful is to simply survive it. It is the small decisions we take that create our life. Having someone on the outside looking in, means that you can make these decisions with clarity and often enthusiasm over fear.


It’s human nature to want to fix situations, analyse and worry about them. We love to fix a problem and the emotional rush that solution gives us. Every step you make towards the positive thought of ‘I can do it’ we create a positive reaction. Even if you are wrapped up in a blanket of worry that seems so tight you don’t know how to get out of it, having a coach can help set you free.


What to expect from your coaching session.


In the first session you’ll be asked ‘what’s important to you in your life?’ This is to establish how best to serve your goal in a balanced way. It’s easy to become focused on one area of life whilst everything else starts to become shabby. We don’t let shabby happen!


Finding out what’s important and what I call ‘What’s on fire’ means we know what we need to work on first. From then on every session is client lead and client focused.


The aim of coaching is clarity. To know what you want and finding a way to make it happen. Personal, growth, goals and living your dreams are what it’s all about.


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