What is Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental Meditation is a simple, easy and effortless technique that offers profound experiences.  It originates from the Vedic Tradition, an ancient tradition from India that dates back to over 5,000 years.

Made famous by a large number of celebrities from the Beatles through to Russell Brand, it is now also practised by over 10 million people world wide.  These include students looking to deal with stress from upcoming exams, to high level professionals dealing with difficult and challenging situations.

In addition to stress and anxiety relief, many people find through increased energy levels, they obtain greater clarity in thought and improved levels of happiness.  This is by using a mantra to transcend more subtle levels of the mind, in doing so releasing stress that is constantly being accumulated within the body through every day activities/challenges.



Course Outline

The course is covered in 4 sessions (lasting between 1-2 hours) that includes 1 on 1 personal instruction. This is then followed by group discussions covering practicalities of meditation, mechanics of meditation and longer term benefits of meditation, giving you a complete understanding of all that you are experiencing.

By being an independent teacher of Transcendental Meditation,  Andre, founder of Andre Berry Meditation, offers the course at great rates whilst maintaining quality support to ensure best practise is maintained.



Most Recent Testimonial

“The first thing that I noticed when I met Andre, was his beaming smile and warmth. You instantly felt comfortable in his company. I didn’t know what to expect but Andre made the course very interesting. He was very patient and has a great sense of humour! I can’t imagine a better teacher. I am so pleased to have met you Andre and delighted to have your continued support.”



Future Events

Upcoming courses: 1st, 2nd and 3rd December.  2nd 3rd and 4th February. For more information please contact Andre at hello@andreberrymeditation.co.uk or follow him on Facebook and Instagram andreberrymeditation.