Keeping up with technology…


Within sports science and medicine, data-fuelled developments are continually happening. Technology is playing a vital role in performance analysis, injury prevention and nutritional aspects for elite and amateur athletes.


How can technology help your health and performance I hear you ask…


Everyone sweats – it’s an essential function of a healthy body. And some of us sweat more than others. But could our sweat be more important than we think?!


Currently, there is an ECHO Smart Patch being piloted, which is a small smart patch attached to the skin during exercise. This could change the way we monitor health and performance during 2017 – by analysing our sweat.
Regardless of your sweat rate and volume, ECHO only needs the smallest micro-bead to perform an analysis of key biomarkers. This concentration includes electrolytes like sodium, metabolites, glucose, various molecules and proteins. Using the flexible ECHO Smart Patch, a pain-free, comprehensive analysis is performed to help you better understand your health.


The patch’s patented biosensors continuously measure key biomarkers found in sweat to monitor health signs and gather data helping to prevent injuries, turbo-boost recovery and improve human performance.