With the joys of Christmas far behind us and New Year seeming like a distant memory, its time to think about your new year resolutions, and health targets.

So what type of diets and exercise programs are trending this year to help you get rid of those unwanted pounds?

I’ve had a look around on the internet and found a few things that are trending this year….


Diet plays a bigger part in weight loss than you think

The main principle of losing weight is that the energy you take in (calories) needs to be less than the energy you use. For example, my calorie intake should be around 1,400 calories a day to be able to function/perform daily tasks. However, if I exercise, my calorie intake will increase subject to the number of calories I burn during my exercise. You may have heard people talking about Macros. Macros stands for macronutrients. Counting your macros with in each meal can help you work out the grams of proteins, carbs and fats you’re eating within your calorie goal.

How do you find out your personal calorie intake? I used a Tanita BC545N scale. My local gym has one for their members to use, so I was lucky. But always good to ask your gym if they have one available. Some health centres or doctor surgery’s may also have one.


Functional Fitness Training

I think this is one of the most practical topics trending this year. Functional fitness training is using exercise to improve balance, coordination, strength and endurance to improve activities of daily living. A great example is a squat. It is a very popular exercise in the gym, where some gym goers love to see how much weight they can load on the bar and perform a squat. Functional Fitness training is not about how much weight you can lift, but more so, the use of the correct technique while performing a squat. A squat is classed as a functional exercise because it can mimic the motion it takes to bend down and pick something up of the floor and is performed every time you get up in and out of a chair. This trend is on the rise due to the increase of fitness programs that cater to older adults.



Exercise is medicine

I live by this!

If I don’t get my daily exercise fix, I feel rubbish. I get such a buzz out of doing exercise and raising my heart rate. Some days I don’t have time to get into the gym or attend boot camp, but I use my 20-minute walk to work as affectively as I can. I get those arms swinging and a good stomp on, which raises my heart rate and keeps me warm during the winter months. Several studies all demonstrate the importance of exercise for general health, improving movement and mental health! My advice is give it ago, even if you just up your walking pace to work, or go for a stomp around the block after work.



Make a realistic weight loss target

Personally, I don’t think there is any point in training/going to the gym unless you have a target in mind. This target doesn’t always have to be weight loss.  When I go to the gym, I always have an exercise or movement that I would like to improve. E.G. Recently I have been focusing on my upper body strength, as one day I would love to be able to complete a pull up! To be able to get closer to my target I performed, decline pull ups and press-ups.



Make changes that work for your lifestyle

It’s the hardest thing when you set yourself a New Year’s resolution and it doesn’t fit into your lifestyle. Take a moment to think about your resolutions for this year, and ask yourself “do they fit into my lifestyle” because if they don’t, you’ve already put yourself on the back foot.  With any diet or exercise program, it’s all about long term, a goal you can sustain over the long term, that fits with your lifestyle.



Everybody is different

If it’s working for your friend but not for you, don’t get disheartened. Everybody is unique and it may just take a little time for you to work out what type of training/diet works best for you. It takes roughly 8 weeks to start to notice any visual changes from dieting or exercise, so make sure your putting in enough time before looking to change what you’re doing or giving up.



Lets make 2019 a good one!