Looking to improve your posture, increase your functional strength or reduce your pain?  Then Pilates could be for you!

Since its original development in the early 1900’s where Pilates was used to rehabilitate injured servicemen, it is now an internationally used exercise concept benefiting everyone from world-class ballerinas through to everyday members of the public.  Within the world of Physiotherapy and Orthopaedics the use of Pilates is almost an every day occurrence for injury rehabilitation as well as prevention.

So what is Pilates?

Based on an initial 34 exercises, Pilates incorporates stretching, strengthening and functional stability exercises that specifically target imbalances created by our everyday lives.  Beginner sessions commonly involve exercises on a mat where lower back posture can be focused upon whilst strengthening the abdominals, gluteal and back muscles.  Pilates is not all about mat based exercise through.  Once you have mastered the principle concepts, Pilates can then be applied to more functional aspects of your day to day life from the way you sit at your desk to the way you walk or run.  As a result, Pilates is the perfect way to improve your daily well-being as well as higher level activities such as running.

Try out our 3 favourite Pilates exercises

Shoulder Bridge

Great for lower back mobility, glut strength and hip range of movement.  Start on your back, knees bent and feet on the floor. Tip your hips backwards to peel your spine piece by piece off the floor so that just your feet, shoulder blades and head are on the floor. Lower back down.


Great for core stability, shoulder strength, glut strength.  Start on all 4s. Keep your back level and stomach pulled in as you lift your leg and opposite arm, reaching long to the walls. Balance then return your hand and leg to the floor. Repeat on the other side.

Double leg table top

Perfect for lower abdominals. Keeping your neck relaxed and stomach muscles pulled in, lift one leg at a time to ‘table top’ (hips and knees at 90º). Make sure your back does not arch away from the floor.  Hold for 5 breaths then lower one leg at a time back to the floor.


Here at Comfort Health

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