Sports Therapy/Rehab

What is sports therapy/rehab?

Sports therapy and rehab is the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of injury/re-injury. Sports therapists help people of all ages by creating rehabilitation programmes to restore full fitness and health. They use a combination of massage, manual therapy, and exercise plans to help reduce pain and aid in injury recovery. Whilst at the same time, work on the prevention of future injury/re-injury.

Sport therapists use a complete approach; they take into account all of the individuals’ needs. Thus allowing optimal recovery and placing the patient at the centre of their own care.

It’s a highly recommended approach for getting people back to optimum health.


What to expect

First, you will have a physical assessment to diagnose any predisposing factors to the injury and any other health related disorders. Following this, they will then tailor a recovery plan specifically to you to return you to optimum function and physical activity. You will be given information, advice and exercises to help you with all aspects of life.

Treatment can include massage, taping/bracing and electrotherapy. As well as exercise rehabilitation, graded activity, manual therapy, workplace assessment and modification. Your plan will continue to be monitored and modified where needed.

What’s the difference between Physio and Sports Therapy?

Sports therapy/rehab is very similar to physiotherapy. The main difference is that sports therapy has the key focus on the patient being returned to high level of function/sport.

Both Physios and Sports therapists have the skills to diagnose and treat any musculoskeletal disorders. A lot of their treatment methods are the same, e.g manual therapy, massage and exercise prescription and many more.

The other main difference is where they trained. Physiotherapists do their placements in hospitals, whereas sports therapists do their placements with sports teams as well as hospitals.

What can sports rehab help with?

The key focus of sports rehab is returning patients to high levels of function, therefore there are many conditions it can help with. These include:

-back pain (lower back pain, sciatica etc)
-pains and sprains in joints
-post-op rehab
-knee replacement rehab
-achilles tendinopathy
-cruciate ligament rehabilitation
tennis elbow
-carpal tunnel syndrome
-chronic pain
repetitive strain injuries

Here at Comfort Health

For all sports rehab appointments you will be seen by our sports rehabilitator Bryony. Bryony has worked with a number of high profile sporting athletes;
-England mens rugby team
-England womens cricket team
-Italian mens rugby team,
-South African rugby team.
She has also been part of the team assisting athletes for 2 Olympic’s.

If you would like more information on sports rehab or how it can help you, get in touch or book here if you would like to get started with treatment.

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