We are now in the dark season!!

With limited hours of daylight for the next four months, it is important that you do the upmost to stay safe when running outside.


Here are my tips for running safe season:


With more hours of darkness, it is often difficult to find a time to run during daylight hours. Make it a priority to be “visible” by wearing light coloured and reflective materials so you stand out along the roads. You could also go that extra mile and put a blinking light on your jacket in the front and back.

Sun Level

Avoid running at dusk and dawn, the visibility for drivers is the worst at those times of the day, especially when the sun is very low in the sky.

Be Road Savvy

Run against the traffic flow so you can see what is coming. Make sure your music isn’t to loud so you can hear oncoming cars and be aware of their direction.

Mobile Phone

Carry your mobile phone for emergencies.

Keep Warm

Dress in layers and avoid cotton in cold weather as it holds onto water and has little insulating value when wet. If you are really warm and comfortable at the start of your run, you will be too hot in mid and late run. Wear a windproof, breathable, and “vent-able” shell to help regulate your heat loss. To keep your extremities warm, a hat can preserve heat and mittens are warmer than gloves.


Tell A Friend/Partner

Make sure someone knows your planned route and expected return time. If something happens, your family and friends will know when to be concerned and where to look for you.


Stay safe, and enjoy 🙂


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