Hitting the slopes this winter? Now is the perfect time to start a little bit of pre-trip preparation. It could help reduce your risk of getting injured, allow you to improve your skiing technique and help you ski for longer!


Whether you are a seasoned skier or heading to the slopes for the first time this winter, the unique motions and demands of skiing means the chances are, you are about to use a set of muscles which could be serving you better.


There are several areas in which to focus on to help support your “skiing experience”.

Gluteal muscles

These powerful muscles surrounding your hips are vital for skiing. Having strong gluteals reduces pressure on your back and creates stability around your pelvis. They also help to reduce the risk of damage to your knees. Allowing you to turn effectively on the snow with a lower risk of injury.


Core muscles

Your core is vital in the provision of a strong base for skiing.  Maintaining a solid base around your pelvis and spine not only helps to reduce your risk of falls but also reduces the need for your arms failing around, as you try to maintain your centre of gravity.


Hamstrings and Quadriceps

Whilst your hips help you to turn and ride undulations, your knees act as your primary shock absorbers on the slopes. With each leg working as individual springs.  Your hamstrings and quadriceps (muscles on the back and the front of your thighs) play a very important role in this. They bring stability and support to your knees. Whilst also reducing the load and force that affects the ligaments in your knees such as your ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament). Tearing or partially tearing your ACL is a common ski injury.


Feet and Ankles

Your ski boots should provide support to your feet and ankles. However, the intrinsic muscles still have to work hard as you shift your weight to turn, which puts pressure through the ski’s. Therefore these muscles need to be strong in order to maintain your balance.


Here at Comfort Health

If you feel like you are struggling with any of these areas mentioned above or feel like they could do with strengthening, get in contact today. At Comfort Health we offer bespoke treatment and strengthening programs to any clients that may be in need. You can also check our Instagram for our post on pre skiing exercises.