Race Season

It’s nearing towards race season with a collection of running events only around the corner over spring. Whether you’re a newbie runner building up your milage or an experienced racer striving for PB’s and faster times, it is essential that you not only get time on your feet running, but also invest some energy strengthening your body to support these physical feats. 


It’s an all too common scenario that you’re increasing your milage or your pace with no niggles or issues then just one innocuous run later you can unexpectedly experience pain and subsequent setbacks or time out of training, not a good situation! Often we have biomechanics issues running that we are completely oblivious to until we push that little bit harder and the wheels fall off. 


In an ideal world like the professionals we’d have an entourage of personal coaches, physios and masseurs taking care of us, but in reality we don’t and can’t. Instead we have limited time to balance training, work, family… and just life! 


Injury prevention

With this in mind the most efficient way to squeeze in some strengthening work to protect, influence and optimise your biomechanics is in the warm-up or cool down. Invest just 5-10 minutes extra either side of your run to efficiently look after your body whilst you push it harder. It’s easier to get this extra exercise done when you’re in exercises mode than trying to find time elsewhere in your busy schedules.


Why not book in and have a biomechanical assessment and bespoke exercise recommendation from dual qualified clinician Andy McDonald, a dual qualified strength coach and physiotherapist. 


It’s just £42 for a movement screen and tailored ‘bullet proofing’ program, that could not only improve your running performance but prevent you spending money getting fixed later on if those wheels fall off!