Problems with Mental Health & Well Being


Mental Health

At Comfort Health we don’t just help with Physical problems. We can also help with a whole range of mental health issues such as:

Confidence issues
Fear avoidance
And many more…

At Comfort Health we offer Hypnotherapy with Annette and Life Coaching with Becky.



We also offer help if you have any issues with your nutrition. Common problems are:

Weight management
Sleep loss
Energy levels
Confidence issues
And many more…


At Comfort Health we offer Nutritional Therapy sessions.

Audiological Problems and Earwax removal

At Comfort Heath we also have Ian Croft working here.

Ian has over 20 years’ experience, providing hearing solutions both privately and to the NHS. He was awarded Fellowship of his professional body 15 years ago and is the longest-serving Member of their Council.

He provides Microsuction earwax removal; hearing tests & aids; tinnitus assistance; noise protection; NIHL testing & reports.

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