What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy involves looking at all areas of life including the food we eat, what we drink, exercise levels, sleep quality, how we spend our time, how we relax and our emotional health. Our well-being can be greatly improved when we spend time making small changes in any or all of these areas.


What are the main benefits?

– Weight loss/weight gain
– Improving confidence and self-esteem
– Improving overall Health and Wellbeing

Nutritional Therapy can also help with:

– Managing stress
– Depression/Anxiety
– Migraines
– Hormonal issues
– Digestive issues
– Improving energy levels
– Diabetes management
– Arthritis
– High blood pressure/High cholesterol
– Detox
– Better sleep
– Fertility
– Learning how to cook with fresh food and make healthy choices

Nutritional Therapy At Comfort Health


At Comfort Health, we have Flo Dannah working with us.

Flo is a Registered Nutritional Therapist with a particular interest in Sports Nutrition, as well as managing stress and improving general wellbeing by creating simple, achievable diet plans.

Read more about Flo here



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