Nutrition Coaching at Comfort Health

Here at Comfort Health our nutrition and fitness coach Suzy creates bespoke plans designed to help you reach a number of different goals including:

-to lose weight and keep it off
-eat a more healthy, balanced diet
-achieve fitness and strength goals
-to gain weight
-to increase muscle mass
-feel more confident
-learn how to cook healthy tasty recipes
-get ready for an occasion or event

One on one nutrition coaching

The world of nutrition and dieting can be really confusing, there is a lot of conflicting information out there which makes it impossible to know what is going to be the best thing for you. This is why Suzy works on a one on one basis. No two people are the same or live the same lifestyle. Therefore everyone needs their own individualised plan for them to get the best results.

In order to achieve the best results the coaching plan involves looking at all aspects of life. Whilst food and nutrition quality is very important we also need to look at water consumption, gut health, exercise, sleep and stress as well as other health markers.

Why personalised coaching? The issue with going to some of the big names and using their apps or formulas is that even their “personalised targets” are based off set equations. They don’t take into account many factors including your lifestyle, lean tissue mass, your stress levels, or what level your metabolism is currently working at. Each person is different and while the calculations could put you roughly in the right target zone, it could be too low or too high, meaning you won’t see the changes you want to see at a healthy rate or none at all!

Whats included in the plan

-an initial 45min consultation to review your current lifestyle and set goals
-official weekly check-ins
-personalised macro/calorie targets towards your goal
-mindset training
-nutrition and exercise adjustments as needed
-nutrition guide
-myfitnesspal guide to tracking food
-recipe e-book
-example meal plan
-you can message/email your coach anytime
-access to private Facebook group of like minded, supportive individuals
-the program is constantly being reviewed and updated, you will have access to all new resources at no additional cost

Benefits of Nutrition Coaching

What you will gain from the plan

-Knowledge and skills that will last you a lifetime, no need to keep searching for the latest “fix”
-knowledge about food and how to fuel your body
-learn how to incorporate treats and alcohol into a balanced diet and lifestyle
-how to navigate social events and still work towards your goal
-how to achieve your dream body without spending endless hours in the gym
-learn the importance of meal timing towards certain goals
-join a community of like-minded individuals
-results that will actually last

How to become a client

To become a client first of all you will need to send an enquiry to the email, or you can click on the read me button below to book in and arrange your phone consultation with Suzy. Once your consultation is booked you will receive a consultation form to fill in. It is important you complete the online form prior to the consultation to allow us to get the most out of the consultation. Read more

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