So… The big question… What are your New Year’s Resolutions???


If you haven’t had time to think of any resolutions, here’s a few of ours to get you started!



Matt – Physiotherapist

– Using my foam roller every day

– To drink more water throughout the day

– Not to use my phone an hour before bed and read a book/document instead


Bryony – Sports Rehabilitator

– To reduce the amount of refined sugar in my diet

– Stretch my hamstrings every day (as they are ridiculously tight) and hopefully be able to touch my toes

– Post information/pictures on social media at least once a week to promote my business


Jenny – Physiotherapist

– Core exercises and stretching every day, even if it’s for just ten minutes (and so far Jenny has kept to her word)

– Walk to work more often, to only drive when necessary

– Expand my general knowledge


Anna – Yoga Instructor

– Lead a healthier life, avoiding the daily chocolate bar and glass of wine

– Get back into running



Leave a comment on our social media of your New Years Resolutions 🙂