Transcendental Meditation

What is it?

Transcendental Meditation (TM) is a simple and effortless, yet highly effective meditation technique. It allows you to transcend every day thoughts to help release stresses within the body, allowing greater energy and clarity in all that we do.

Positive Benefits:

Reduced stress
Better sleep
Energy increased
Intellect enhanced
Better relationships
Improved health

Meditation at Comfort Health

TM is taught at Comfort Health in the form of a 3 day course. The course is instructed by Andre Berry. Scroll down to see some testimonials for Andre.

First session, Saturday daytime
Individual instruction (1 hour by appointment), after which you are able to practice at home on your own.
Three group sessions, Sunday daytime and evening and Monday evening.
Builds your understanding based on your experiences, leaving you with a valuable skill for life.

Free support and guidance for life ensures complete satisfaction.

Next Courses

Sat 1st, Sun 2nd, and Mon (evening), 3rd December 2018
Sat 2nd, Sun 3rd, and Mon (evening), 4th February 2019

For more information or to book:

Telephone: 07738167803
Instagram: Andre Berry Meditation Bristol
Facebook: Andre Berry Meditation 

Client feedback from previous courses with Andre

“I discovered TM through Andre who has such an aura of calm and happiness around him I was compelled to find out more. Andre ran the weekend course professionally but with a sense of genuine care and interest in every participant. The course was informative, well structured and Andre took the time to go over any areas we needed more help with. Furthermore the help and support provided after the course has been incredible. Andre is without a doubt an excellent and inspirational teacher. The TM technique has been a pivotal point in my life transforming the way I view everything around me” Sara, May 2017

“Andre delivers the course with enthusiasm, passion and a deep insight into the world of TM. I cannot thank him enough for his help over the three days. Personally I can’t see how TM wouldn’t help anybody. Massive recommendation to anyone and everyone” Oliver, May 2017

“Andre is such a caring and giving person – nothing is ever too much trouble for him. After the intro talk I went to with him, I was buzzing for days off his energy – and that was before I had even learnt the meditation! He’s a great teacher and now that I have learnt with him he inspires me to stick with it.” Sarah, March 2017

Client feedback from previous courses with Andre

“My refresher course with Andre in Wimbledon was fantastic. A nice space to meditate in with excellent guidance from Andre whose enthusiasm and insightfulness for TM is infectious. I thought I already knew most everything I needed to about TM but came out with far more *aha* moments than I was really expecting. Andre’s eyes light up with joy when he talks about his personal experiences with TM which give the sessions tremendous credibility, a genuine pleasure.” Olly March 2017

“Just completed the Richmond ‘Learn to Meditate’ TM course. What an amazing way to spend a chilly February weekend. A beautifully simple technique … beautifully taught by Andre … thank you Meditation Trust. Looking forward to my TM journey and to meeting more of the Richmond community at future events” Sharon, February 2017

“Just did a course in TM with Andre in the Richmond community centre. The whole experience was amazing, totally recommend it. Andre is very welcoming and a great teacher. I look forward to do more group meditations and retreat in the future with him” Amir, February 2017

“Meeting Andre for the first time was a bit like that famous scene in ‘When Harry met Sally’, in that I thought ‘I’ll have what he’s having!’ The spontaneous love and joy that radiates from him is very inspiring, and seemingly boundless, like a laughing Buddha. He’s a wonderful teacher, hugely compassionate, understanding of everyone’s journey over the course and the very embodiment of enthusiasm! Gráinne February 2017

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