Injury Screening

Injury Screening/Prevention

Why wait to become injured if you can do something to prevent it?

Of course injury can occur due to accidents and events completely out of our control; spraining an ankle in a pothole, hitting black ice on your bike, slipping down the stairs…

However, most injuries can be prevented by addressing the underlying issues that create the injury before it becomes a major problem.

Our injury screening service assesses you as a whole, identifying areas of potential injury which are specific to your chosen sport, enabling you to improve areas of reduced mobility or weakness, with the aim of reducing your injury risk.

Injury Screening Package

Our sports specific injury screening package includes assessment of:

– Overall posture
– Muscle length
– Muscle strength
– Functional Movement Patterns
– Joint problems

Having assessed you, a personalised exercise based treatment programme is created, allowing you to address problem areas before they develop into a injury.  Two follow up appointments are included in the package, providing you with exercise progressions and any additional physical treatment that may be indicated.

Injury Screening at Comfort Health

At Comfort Health, Jenny is our injury screening expert. Being an athlete herself and also a very experienced Physiotherapist in sports settings, Jenny is brilliant at recognising the early warning signs of injury.

Read more about Jenny here


The package includes:

– 1 hour assessment
– Written report of findings
– 2 follow up sessions for treatment and exercise prescription/progressions.

All for only £120

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