Flo Dannah

Flo Dannah

Flo qualified as a sports massage therapist in 2012, having previously acquired a BSc (Hon) in Applied consumer sciences which incorporated food science and nutrition.

Her knowledge and understanding of human physiology and movement has been further enhanced by her personal sporting achievements having competed as an Elite Off Road Triathlete/duathlete (ranking 5th GBR Elite Female in Europe 2016) Elite Mountain Biker and ranked 7th Elite Female in the National Cyclocross Championships 2015/16 as an example.

Her knowledge and experience can also provide you with invaluable tips on how to enhance your nutritional eating habits which in turn enables you to get more out of your body when training for specific events and just enhance your overall health.

She is exceedingly passionate about food and the significance eating well has on your daily health. Her aim is show you how incredibly easy it is to create healthy, yet exceedingly tasty food quickly and without fuss. She will provide time saving tips in getting yourself more organised in the kitchen so that the process becomes a positive life change rather than a quick fad fix.


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