Becky Walsh

Becky Walsh

Becky is a Life coach and Intuitive Catalyst and change happens in her company. Becky uses a high level of intuition, tools in psychology, neuroscience, spiritual thinking and coaching, to shift perceptions.

Stuck is a holding point whilst you’re waiting for more information. Together we bring that information to the foreground, giving you the tools and the rocket power to be the best you, live the best life.

Becky is an accredited Practitioner of Life Coaching and works as a bespoke intuitive catalyst as not one brain fits all!

In her spare time, Becky is a Hay house author of ‘You do know – learn to act on your intuition instantly’ as well as five other published books mostly self-help and relationships.

Her agony aunt live television show “Anything Goes With Becky Walsh” aired across the Made TV Network weekly in 2016. Becky also recorded numerous VT’s titled, ‘Becky’s Life Hacks’ which saw her as a pop-up street agony aunt. The show aired on Made in Bristol TV.

Becky is also a regular pundit on ITV’s This Morning, BBC’s The One Show, Fiji TV and BBC News to name just a few!

Her radio career started by her hosting her own agony aunt style phone-in show live on LBC Radio every Friday for two years with co-presenter Chris Hawkins.

Becky is also a sought after public speaker and has appeared at the world-renowned seminar “I Can Do It”. I have addressed audiences in Hong Kong, Chile, Pakistan, Australia, the United States, the UK and on the Cruise Ships. Her interactive live stand up comedy show mixes self-help and improv comedy on the stage.


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