Check out this happy client, who came to see Jenny for cupping treatment after suffering from – adult onset of asthma for the last seven years.


Client Background

“I have been suffering with asthma for the last seven years.  Over the last five years I have been taken to hospital via ambulances on average four times a year. Most of my visits to hospital required me to stay in hospital for up to a week. These attacks can be very frightening, with my last admission to hospital only happening after I had to text my husband to call 999 as I didn’t have the breath to talk.  It was this attack in particular that this started my journey into looking for alternative therapies to see if they would help with my asthma and reduce the side effects of an asthma attack.”



When we started offering cupping as a treatment technique at Comfort Health, we were struck by how little evidence there was to support the effectiveness of this technique. There are several studies, such as this paper on children and asthma – ‘The role of cupping therapy as a complementary therapy on the pulmonary functions and quality of life of asthmatic children’.

This study concluded that cupping therapy may be an effective complementary treatment in asthmatic children. Cupping had a significant effect on the pulmonary functions of asthmatic children. Cupping therapy had a significant improvement effect and positive impact on the quality of life of asthmatic children.

“From my research, I looked for local practises that offered cupping as a therapy. That’s when I found Jenny at Comfort Health. When I first met Jenny, we had an in-depth conversation about my history of asthma and the various methods of treatments I had already tried. Jenny explained that cupping would relax the muscles around my ribs and shoulders, with the aim to allow a more relaxed expansion of my chest.  I was very keen to start the cupping treatment to start my journey to full health!’




“During the first session Jenny applied static cups to my upper back and shoulders.  Once the cups where removed I could feel an instant release through my back and shoulders, which had been tight from my previous asthma attacks.”


“In the second session, once Jenny was happy the previous treatment had not aggravated my lungs, we worked further between my ribs by gliding the cups between my ribs. I was surprised as I thought it was going to hurt, but it wasn’t as uncomfortable as I thought. For me this was the most dramatic change I have felt in my lungs in a long time. Straight away I noticed an increase in my lung capacity. Before treatment and after treatment I recorded my peak flow, and there was a marked increase after treatment.”


“My asthma used to impact on my hobbies and work. I go to the gym three times a week and have sessions with my personal trainer. After I started my cupping treatments with Jenny, I have noticed a big improvement during these sessions. Normally if I push myself too hard, exercise can trigger my asthma. However, I am now able to push myself a little further each time and I haven’t had any asthmatic symptoms.  I have not needed to take any reliever inhaler either since cupping, which is great, as the additional exercise and reduction in steroid based inhalers has considerably aided my weight loss.”



“I have found the cupping treatment to be life changing, as I now feel like I can manage my asthma.  Over the winter, in cold conditions I would end up in hospital, unable to do the things I enjoy and having to take two weeks off work along with a course of strong steroids.  However, this year with the cold weather I haven’t had any issues.”


“This is now a priority of mine to insure I get regular sessions to ensure my asthma continues to be well managed. I cannot thank Jenny enough for what she has and continues to do, and I would recommend any asthma surfer to give this ago. I will put out one warning, watch out, it does tickle!”


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