Annette Sloly

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Annette Sloly – BAHons. DHP HPD CNHC AFSFH MNCH(REG) is an experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist. She helps a wide variety of people manage fears, phobias, stress and anxiety with everyone from young adults working towards exams, professionals suffering stress, to world-class actors and musicians looking to improve their performance.

Annette works with Solution Focused Hypnotherapy which is a modern discipline using a combination of hypnosis, talking therapy, psychotherapy and neuroscience, which promotes a relaxed, positive, mindful awareness, helping clients to make beneficial lifestyle changes.  She uses a structured combination of disciplines that can include Mindfulness, NLP, CBT, SFBT, positive psychology and hypnosis to enable clients to realise a more positive future where they are more in control of their symptoms, thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

Annette works at Comfort Health on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

0117 214 0706

I just wanted to thank you for really helping me to ‘re-train’ my brain to think more rationally. It goes without saying that it has helped to get me through some difficult recent and on-going personal circumstances. It’s been so empowering to be able to use these new powers in my working practice too which has been invaluable over the last few days… crisis resolved!

Sarah, 48, Small Business Owner.

‘I was recommended to Annette by a colleague as I wanted to overcome an increasingly overwhelming feeling of anxiety when giving presentations. My sessions with Annette were very interesting and I noticed a very subtle difference in the way I was starting to process my thoughts. I realised that the presentations had become the focal point for my anxiety and in actual fact there was a lot of “fog” in my head that needed to be cleared away. This is what Annette has helped with. I now have a much better sense of calm which was previously missing. I can move forward with a much greater sense of calm and purpose.’

James, 39, Accountant.

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